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Content - A Parent's Guide to Children's Computer Safety

A Parent's Guide to Children's Computer Safety


Computers and other new technology has carved out an important part of our daily lives. From as young as a toddler to senior citizens, people use computers, tablets, and smartphones on a regular basis. In fact, we have become more reliant of these innovations to become a part of our everyday life. While using the newest technology is a big part of our day, it is also a source of potential danger, and should be a concern for users.


This is especially true for parents of children that are using this technology. Parents should monitor the usage of computers and smartphones with children. It is important to watch the sites where your children go to ensure that it is safe. Also, it is important for parents to ensure that the children are safe from sexual predators.


To assist parents, and children, we have collected several helpful links regarding online safety. We hope that this information will be helpful for all parents. Feel free to share the information in this article with others.






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