Bear River Mental Health Prescribes with DoseSpot


Bear River Mental Health (BRMH) provides comprehensive mental health services to more than 3,000 patients annually at their eight locations across Utah.  Delivering mental health services according to the best practice guidelines with respect to appropriate medical necessity for more than 35 years, BRMH offers an array of services including:


   • Assessments

   • Behavior Management

   • Crisis Management

   • Medication Management

   • Peer Support

   • Psychological Testing

   • Psychosocial Rehabilitation

   • Psychotherapy

   • Residential Services

   • Respite Care

   • Skills Development



BRMH decided to integrate an ePrescribing solution to stay ahead of the technology curve and start sending prescriptions electronically to meet Meaningful Use requirements.  DoseSpot was their number one choice for software integration for two reasons: 1)  DoseSpot is equipped with the capability to seamlessly integrate via WSI and, 2) DoseSpot offers a .NET platform which is compatible with BRMH’s current system.


“DoseSpot support is second to none!”

Thad Hunsaker, Bear River Mental Health


“DoseSpot support is second to none” exclaims Thad Hunsaker, BRMH.  All eight of the BRMH offices use DoseSpot, with physicians accessing the ePrescribing solution from multiple locations.  Thad explains, “Geographic location hasn’t added any difficulty where the service is provided online.” As a mental health organization, BRMH uses DoseSpot for more than just ePrescribing.  “Patient medication management has long been an integral part of our treatment.  DoseSpot helps us manage this process online” adds Thad.  DoseSpot equips physicians with the capabilities to build a patient’s medication profile and then automatically review any drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions.


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