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3 Key Messages from Attending MGMA23 in Nashville

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October 30, 2023

The 2023 MGMA Leaders Conference in Nashville, TN, was a major event for the healthcare industry, bringing together leaders from all over the country to discuss the most pressing issues facing the profession today. Three themes our team picked up on as conference participants were the healthcare worker shortage, value-based care, and using data to make decisions in healthcare practices.

The healthcare worker shortage is here to stay:

The healthcare worker shortage is a major crisis facing the United States today. In a study published in November 2022, for nursing alone, the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis projects an RN shortage of more than 78 thousand full-time nurses by 2025, while the American Hospital Association points to a shortage of 3.2 million healthcare workers by 2033. The aging population, the retirement of baby boomers, and the increasing demand for healthcare services are partly to blame.

At the MGMA Leaders Conference, attendees discussed a number of strategies for addressing the healthcare worker shortage. These strategies included:

Value-based care is having a moment:

Value-based care is a healthcare delivery model that focuses on improving the quality of care while reducing costs. Providers are paid for the value of the care they provide rather than the volume of services they deliver. The acceptance of Value-based care has ebbed and flowed over the last few years, and the industry has been slow to change, but adoption seems to again be on the rise.

At the MGMA conference, attendees discussed the challenges and opportunities of value-based care. Some of the challenges include:

Despite the challenges, value-based care offers many opportunities for positive change, including helping providers improve the quality of care they provide, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction. These are also things that can be measured throughout the healthcare lifecycle. Medicare and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) continue to show promise in both dollar savings and high-quality care.

Using data to make decisions in healthcare practices is good business:

Data is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare. Providers are using it to make decisions about everything from patient care to population health management. As reported in a conference session led by MGMA and a consulting group, 82% of healthcare leaders have acknowledged that they have used benchmark data to make business decisions in 2023.

At the MGMA conference, attendees discussed a number of ways that providers can use data to make better decisions. Some of these ways include:

Having the opportunity to connect with hundreds of healthcare professionals, both on the clinical and operational side of healthcare, is invaluable. Learning about the latest trends in practice management is one more way that DoseSpot continues to pour into our products and make them better.

We have a relentless drive to improve workflow efficiencies and deliver products that are so intuitive and easy to use that they simply fade into the background of “getting the job done,” allowing patients to experience exceptional healthcare from start to finish. Continuing to evolve is critical to the future of an industry where change is constant.

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