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5 New Upgrades to the Client Support Community

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November 9, 2023

After months of collecting user feedback there is now an easier way to get the help and support you need with DoseSpot through our new and improved DoseSpot Client Community.  

Our client community has been reorganized with a fresh, clean design that makes navigation simple and finding the helpful support resources you need easy. Plus, new features have been added, like customized project spaces designed with your team’s specific needs in mind.  

Keep reading to learn more about our upgraded Client Community along with all the great new features it has to offer. 

1. Newly Designed User Interface 

When you log in to the new DoseSpot Client Community, you will be greeted with a fresh, clean interface and simple to follow navigation. 

The navigational menus have been simplified and reorganized into individual modules, each dedicated to a specific resource. We’ve kept our classic navigation menu at the top of the portal but reorganized the sections making it quick and easy to find exactly what you need.  

2. Improved Knowledge Articles 

Thanks to user feedback, we have improved the organization of our knowledge articles, making your search to find articles for specific topics more efficient. The most requested topics have become full sections with dedicated information sharing, such as walkthroughs, user guides, FAQs, and more. These topics and resources have become more robust to meet client feedback. We will also be adding training videos dedicated to specific resource topics to the DoseSpot Client Community to better assist our clients going forward. 

3. Simplified Support Case Creation 

We know how important it is for our clients to be able to submit a support case quickly and efficiently and have kept direct user feedback top of mind as we worked to upgrade this process.  

We have simplified this task by updating our case creation forms to require only the most necessary information needed from your team to get your support case opened as quickly as possible. This change will save you time when submitting a support case while still providing our experts with enough information to get started on a solution. 

View our Service and Support info sheet to learn more about the DoseSpot Support Process. 

4. New Project Spaces 

Project spaces now have a fresh new look and layout, making finding step-by-step documentation for your project simple and fast. Our chatter module has been repositioned to make communicating with your DoseSpot support expert within your custom project spaces painless. 

You’ll also notice that project spaces have a new feature called “Project Milestones.” The new milestones section will help clients see the critical technical steps that must be taken to complete integration, but also the milestone steps in between. Now, it’s easier for clients to tell where they are in the process and how much they have left to complete to go live.  

Additionally, we reorganized our documentation sections within project spaces for a more convenient and consistent search experience.  

5. Increased Security – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

It is important to us that our clients, providers, and their teams feel safe and secure when using the DoseSpot solution. With cyber security threats and attacks continuing to be a growing concern across multiple industries, we are taking additional precautionary measures to help keep our platform as safe and secure as possible.  

This year, our IT and security experts have observed an increase in external attacks targeting DoseSpot users and software. Many of these attempted attacks involve false or spoofed domains/URLs, directing users to websites that look very similar to DoseSpot applications. These lookalike domains are used to take over DoseSpot accounts by soliciting usernames, passwords, and other credentials.  

For added protection, we’re releasing new security enhancements and requirements, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Going forward, every account with access to the DoseSpot Admin Console will be required to utilize multi-factor authentication to comply with security requirements.  

Welcome to the new DoseSpot Client Community! 

With this Client Community upgrade, we hope that you will find it easier than ever to locate knowledge articles and training resources, request support, and keep your projects on track. To help get you started, we’ve recorded an expert-led tour of the new community that you can watch here at anytime.  

Start exploring today! If you have trouble with the new URL or logging in, please reach out to your DoseSpot Account Manager or email us at dosespotsupport@dosespot.com. 

Important Dates to Know:

November 10, 2023 

November 13, 2023 

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