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A Love Letter to Innovation

February 13, 2024

Roses are red, violets are blue, DoseSpot’s personalized ePrescribing software is a match made in healthcare innovation for you.

When it comes to innovating and optimizing your healthcare clinical operations through electronic prescribing, we know there are other fish in the sea. But according to our clients, DoseSpot is the real catch. The proof is in the over 200,000+ weekly users we’ve helped transform prescribing workflows and three unique reasons clients say we’re different:

  1. Superior Performance and Speed – Our ePrescribing Software is the fastest available on the market at less than 300 milliseconds. That’s up to 5X faster than other ePrescribing products.
  2. Over 250 API Connections – With this many connections, we can customize and meet the needs of developers and admins across the healthcare industry.
  3. Tailored Customer Support – From our JumpStart solution to our Full Integration, our people are dedicated to helping your team succeed every step of the way to reduce screen time and increase clinician-to-patient interaction through streamlined workflows.

Not to mention, we’re Surescripts and EPCS certified. Are you falling in love yet?

The truth is, we could tell you about the clinical and operational benefits of adding DoseSpot ePrescribing to your current health tech stack. But if you’re flirting with the idea of integrating an ePrescribing platform, sometimes the most impactful thing we can do is let our customers speak to the value of our product. With that in mind, we’d like to share some of the “love letters” we’ve received from customers in hopes that we may woo you this Valentine’s Day.

On Seamless Start-Up & Software Integration

DoseSpot allowed us to add an ePrescribe feature very quickly to support stringent California requirements. We were able to go live within 3 months from start to finish, given DoseSpot JumpStart Integration. Thank you!

– Yev K., CTO | 5-star overall rating

The integration of DoseSpot with our native CRM was seamless, and they provided us with several Admin level tools to carefully and easily manage our ever-growing provider user base.

– Abhishek V., Senior Specialist II | 4-star overall rating

On Ease of Use

I love how DoseSpot integrates so seamlessly with our software, it adds the prescription right to the patient chart, so the client’s don’t have to enter it in twice. Since the ePrescribe has been mandated in California, DoseSpot made it easy to pick because of ease of use.

– Flo J., Software Support Specialist | 5-star overall rating

I find the ease of use to be Dosespot’s main selling point. They offer the JumpStart package which got me off the ground and then more integrated solutions that I will use down the road. Stellar customer service and support!

– Jeff C., CEO | 5-star overall rating

Our EPCS program is critical to deliver an end-to-end solution for our customers and DoseSpot has helped us achieve that. The UI is super simple and updated compared to other platforms most providers are used to using.

– Justin H., AVP of Program Management | 5-star overall rating

On Superior Customer Service

We’ve worked with DoseSpot over the years, and I can say one of the areas they’ve grown the most is in communication. Updates, System downtime or lag, meetings with tech or support. The good and the bad as a user/admin you want details asap. I appreciate how they’ve excelled in this area and are willing to be a true partner. Great partnership, one of the top vendors I work with.

– Jenni R., Sr. Program Manager | 4-star overall rating

Our goal was to provide our clients a seamless experience for virtual care, including the ability to e-prescribe directly from their mobile phone. We required this to be handled within our product application. Our product was the first to place DoseSpot’s e-prescribe solution into a teledentistry mobile application. At the time it was an undertaking, because DoseSpot was not in mobile phone format. Understanding what we wanted to achieve, the DoseSpot team was outstanding from day one. Our teams were able to work together to create a fantastic solution that is seamless and easy to use.

– Marilyn S., CEO | 5-star overall rating

Are We Your ePrescribing Soul Mate?

It’s safe to say “words of affirmation” is our love language. We are tickled pink to have so many prescribers reap the benefits of DoseSpot’s software, and we want you to be the next happy customer! If  integrated electronic prescribing technology is something you’ve been considering, we can help you achieve a more streamlined operation.

Think of Real-Time Prescription Benefits, Electronic Prior Authorization, and Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances, all in a simplified end-to-end prescribing experience. Say goodbye to stress and manual, inefficient processes, and say hello to saving time, money, and sanity! Is there a better Valentine’s Day gift than that?

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