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How to Be the Hero When Making the ePrescribing Software Switch

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November 8, 2023

ePrescribing is a good way to improve the efficiency and accuracy of prescribing medications. It allows physicians to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies electronically, eliminating the need for handwritten prescriptions. And in many instances, it is required.

In the world of healthcare technology, those who find ways to optimize its use can capitalize on its speed and effectiveness, giving your organization an advantage. Making the switch to a new platform can complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Why do EHR providers and Medical Service Organizations make the platform switch?

Ensuring Success in the Software Switch:

Making these decisions can have a ripple effect across your organization. With clear communication, an agreed-upon set of expectations, and milestone checks, those ripples can bring excitement and positive energy throughout the process. 

“The integration of DoseSpot with our native CRM was seamless, and they provided us with several Admin level tools to carefully and easily manage our ever-growing provider user base. Moreover, in the event of any issues, it was extremely easy to reach out to their Support Team, and the turn-around time with respect to any issues is usually within that day itself to a maximum of two days.”

Abhishek, Sr. Specialist – support (Capterra Review)

If you’re looking for a good way to improve the efficiency and accuracy of making the switch to a new platform, the key is to plan. Here are some tips to set your team up for success:

How Do We Describe the DoseSpot Difference?

It’s the team leading the way! At DoseSpot, we don’t take your decision to upgrade to our ePrescribing platform lightly. However, we simplify the requirements and action needed into easily digestible steps. Our implementation team has developed a proven process to set you up for success.

Step 1: Kickoff and project setup
This is a meeting where all stakeholders will review the project requirements, documentation, the Salesforce project dashboard, Surescripts and other certification requirements.

Step 2: Integration build-out
During this phase of the project, there will be regular progress meetings, technical troubleshooting sessions, client testing, and DoseSpot testing.

Step 3: Surescripts testing and certification
In phase three, documentation will be finalized, all parties will perform final integration reviews, and Surescripts certifications will be tested and approved.

Step 4: Go Live!
Now, you can start adding providers and patients and start sending prescriptions.

DoseSpot provides many resources to help you through software implementation. This includes a full-service project dashboard provided to you through our Salesforce Client Support Community. Here’s what you can expect in your shared Salesforce space:

One of the biggest pain points is in the data migration process─ transitioning workflows and importing data into the new platform. But, with the help and expertise of our development-savvy teams, it becomes much easier than anticipated.

Early access to the staging environment is also important. Your implementation team should begin folding into the process where it is safe to experiment, test, and learn.

Using the DoseSpot ePrescribing platform is an excellent way to improve the efficiency and accuracy of prescribing medications. It can help you save time, reduce medication errors, and improve patient adherence. Once you’ve implemented our ePrescribing solution, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

And remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are many resources available to help you through the implementation process. So, what are you waiting for? Request a no-pressure demo today, so we can help you make the software switch!