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Naomi Martinez, the voice of DoseSpot

Introducing the Voice of DoseSpot: Naomi Martinez

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May 2023

We are excited to announce that we have a new “voice” at DoseSpot! Naomi Martinez makes many contributions as an employee. Welcoming you to DoseSpot through our phone system upgrade is only one of them! Soon, you will hear Naomi presenting you with multiple options to connect with a member of our support or sales team anytime you dial in.

Naomi has been an integral member of our support team for just over two years. Most recently, she was promoted to Client support, Level 1 Team Lead, and is known throughout our organization as being a warm and inviting co-worker who excels at problem-solving. She intently researches client support cases, finds solutions, and does it all with a sense of urgency. Naomi stays calm under pressure, and you can hear the smile in her voice. We know that she will help make our phone system a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Get to learn a little more about the new voice of DoseSpot!

Here are 5 questions With Naomi Martinez:

Q: Tell us how your career journey led you to DoseSpot?
A: I was previously in project management and worked in healthcare for a short time after studying and completing externships as a nursing major. I’m grateful I’ve landed at DoseSpot, where I can use my skills to be a liaison between our support team, doctors using our service, and our clients.  

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a DoseSpotter?
A: My favorite part of being a DoseSpotter is working alongside all our other employees, who all have an instilled commitment to do great work with a strong work ethic. We have some of the most talented and brightest people here!

Q: If there is one unique thing about our organization that you want our customers to know, what would it be?
A: One thing I’d want our customers to know about our organization is that as much as we are genuine in continuing to build strong relationships with them, we also build them internally! Fun fact─ we are not shy when it comes to karaoke!

Q: Which DoseSpot value means the most to you, and why?
A: The DoseSpot value that means the most to me is “Transparent and Trusted.” We are relationship builders and schedule meetings with our clients frequently to provide value by being face-to-face and having real conversations when needed and desired.

Q: If there was one thing in healthcare that you could improve with a magic wand, what would it be?
A: If there was one thing I could change in healthcare with a magic wand, it is, without a doubt, making it universal! We are all human and deserving of equal healthcare services, access to resources, and whole-person care across the board without financial hardship.

We are so glad to have Naomi as a part of our team. She is a talented, reliable, and passionate DoseSpotter who is committed to her work. The next time you call DoseSpot, she will also be your phone system concierge!