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Red Flags: Identifying a Job Scam

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November 9, 2023

We encourage you to continue exploring opportunities at DoseSpot but urge you to be cautious and mindful of potential job scammers pretending to be part of the DoseSpot People Operations Team.

We will only email you from @dosespot.com.

According to an article written in Forbes, there were over 14 million people exposed to job scams in the second quarter of 2022, alone. These scams include using a company’s information to appear like a legitimate recruiter and request your personal information. They may also send you messages or emails claiming to be from the hiring company, that redirects you to a fake website resembling a real one.

If you are job hunting, and in doubt, you can always verify the authenticity of the person reaching out to you through LinkedIn or reach out to a current employee who works at the company recruiting you to confirm if it’s a valid email. If you have already engaged with a potential scammer, you should stop all contact immediately and file a complaint with the FTC. You can also report any fraudulent-looking messages on LinkedIn.

There are some common practices or techniques used when scammers are using job requisitions to phish for information. If you experience any of these on the list, you should pause, investigate the situation, and take action if warranted.

Red Flags When Interviewing:

DoseSpot Recruiting Best Practices:

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