Dental Associates Realizes Clinical Efficiencies and Increased Patient Satisfaction with DoseSpot's

ePrescribing of Controlled Substances Solution

NEEDHAM HEIGHTS, MA – Dental Associates, a leading family group dental practice managing 14 dental clinics and over 100 dentists in Wisconsin, has realized clinical efficiencies and increased patient satisfaction since their launch of DoseSpot's ePrescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) solution in March of 2015.


Prior to the launch of DoseSpot's ePrescribing of Controlled Substances solutions, Dental Associates had deployed ePrescribing software, but their dentists could only transmit non-controlled prescriptions electronically. As such, dentists wasted time electronically prescribing antibiotics and subsequently printing controlled substance prescriptions. DoseSpot now marries the two and gives Dental Associates' dentists the ability to streamline care, spend more time with patients and discontinue the use of costly prescription printers and the associated tamper proof prescription paper.


“We understand that healthcare technology is shifting and remaining innovative is in Dental Associates’ best interest. Our dentists find DoseSpot to be top-notch and they’re now able to spend more time with their patients rather than running back and forth between the patient’s chair and the prescription printer,” commented Donald Whamond, Chief Technology Officer, Dental Associates. “Printing prescriptions was not only wasting time and money, but also taking valuable time away from the provider-patient relationship.”


Dental Associates chose DoseSpot as its ePrescribing partner due to DoseSpot’s unique boutique-style approach to customer service, the ease of ePrescribing controlled and non-controlled prescriptions, and to enhance the overall security measures surrounding the prescription writing process within Dental Associates’ clinics.


“DoseSpot has made writing prescriptions easier and less time consuming. With the development of my prescription favorites list, it is easy for my staff and I to build a prescription and even change it if need be. Once the prescription is built, it is simple to select and send the prescription to the pharmacy. Life is good with DoseSpot!” said Dr. John Zweig, Chief Dental Officer, Dental Associates.


Dental Associates also wanted to stay ahead of the IT curve which in turn has allowed the company to better recruit and attract new dentists.


“Dental Associates prides itself on the patient-centric care model, therefore our patients’ well-being is of utmost priority and DoseSpot simply aligns with our company values,” Whamond added. “We can call any DoseSpot team member at any time and know they will answer right away. That includes Greg Waldstreicher, CEO, DoseSpot.”


“Like Dental Associates, DoseSpot is committed to offering innovative solutions to the dental market and we put our partners first in everything we do,” said Greg Waldstreicher. “To have the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive, personalized, and integrated platform for Dental Associates is a homerun for both parties.”


Simplify clinical workflows and improve patient outcomes with DoseSpot ePrescribing integration for both controlled and non-controlled prescriptions. Schedule your free demo today at or contact Shauna Leighton,


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Founded in 1973, Dental Associates is Wisconsin's largest family-owned dental group practice with multiple clinics throughout the state and nearly 800 staff members. Dental Associates provides complete family dental services, both general and specialty dentistry, under one roof, from pediatric dentistry to specialized dental services for older adults with a focus on excellent care that is affordable, accessible and personalized. For additional information please visit


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DoseSpot is a Surescripts™ certified ePrescribing platform specifically designed to integrate with electronic health record, electronic dental record, practice management and telehealth software. DoseSpot is certified to ePrescribe controlled substances and has provided simple, affordable and integratable ePrescribing solutions to healthcare IT companies since 2009. For more information, please visit


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