Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

DoseSpot selectively pursued EPCS certification with Drummond Group, one of the first DEA-approved certification bodies.


Using our solution ensures that you comply with all Federal and State regulations when prescribing controlled substances.

Safeguards are built into our healthcare software and carefully monitored so you can be confident in delivering safe and compliant ePrescriptions directly to the pharmacy from the point of care. 

Access to state-specific controlled substance tracking databases or Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) within the ePrescription workflow saves time while checking for at-risk patient histories in our smart configuration settings. No need to create a clinician cheat sheet. We bring the appropriate state login page directly to you in the same window.

Identity Proofing is Required for EPCS Prescribing

Clinicians must complete the Identity Proofing (IDP) and EPCS Two Factor Authentication (TFA) process before sending prescriptions for controlled substances. 

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Search EPCS-Enabled Pharmacies

Search for EPCS-enabled pharmacies within the DoseSpot solution to ensure that prescriptions for schedule II, III, IV, and V substances will be accepted. 

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ePrescribe More Efficiently With DoseSpot's Time-Saving Tips

Don’t forget to set up “favorites” as a time-saving hack. When using this feature for controlled substances, the necessary patient safety steps, such as authentication and PDMP database requirements, will trigger with each prescription.

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Here’s what clients are asking about EPCS

Q: Can EPCS ePrescriptions be printed?

A: ePrescriptions for controlled substances can be printed under certain circumstances. A prescriber’s PIN is required and can only be printed once for dispensing.

Q: What happens if I get a new phone after completing the Identity Proofing and Two-Factor Authentication process?
If you back up your apps and transfer everything to your new phone, you should be able to conduct business as usual.

EPCS Reporting

The federal ePrescribing mandate took effect on January 1, 2021. However, CMS finalized and announced a compliance date effective January 1, 2023. Two report types are required for controlled substance certification to meet DEA compliance, EPCS Status, and the EPCS Incident report. At Dosespot, we make running these reports easy!
Note: Reporting clinicians cannot view another clinician’s information. EPCS Coordinators with “Reporting” enabled can run reports for all clinicians within their clinic.

EPCS Status Report or Audit Trail Report

The EPCS Audit Trail is a complete record of the clinician’s EPCS activity, from initial TFA Activation to prescription sign and send. The report includes the following prescription statuses:

EnteredPrescription was entered into the system but not yet sent to the pharmacy
PrintedPrescription approved and printed (to be delivered to pharmacy)
SendingPrescription in the process of being sent to the pharmacy via eRxSent services
eRxSentPrescription is sent electronically to the pharmacy via eRx services
DeletedPrescription removed from Pending Medications list
RequestedPrescription requested to be filled from pharmacy or patient (e.g., refill services)
Edited Pending prescription updated before being printed or electronically sent to the pharmacy
ErrorError occurred in the signing process
ReadyToSignPrescription has been added and is ready to be signed

EPCS Incident Report

The EPCS incident report must be reviewed daily as required by the DEA. The report displays any incidents of concern, including the following events:

TfaAuthenticationErrorTFA Entered Incorrectly
EpcsActivationEPCS Activation Successful
EpcsDeactivationEPCS Deactivation Successful
EpcsModificationEPCS prescription has been modified or deleted
IdentityProofingIDP Completed successfully or unsuccessfully by the user
FailedLoginAttemptFailed login attempt through Prescribing Application
SSOFailedLoginAttemptFailed login attempt through Single Sign On values

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