Electronic Prior Authorization

 The Preferred Way of ePA

Electronic Prior Authorization is the perfect complement to Real-Time Prescription Benefit.

According to a recent study conducted by the AMA, providers spend nearly 13 hours per week on Prior Authorization activities. Time is money, but those manual processes of the past are changing with ePA.

What used to be days of waiting on approvals and hours of information gathering can become minutes. Now, when RTPB identifies a medication with a Prior Authorization requirement, you can automate the necessary steps to completion at the point of care. Within your ePrescribing workflow, a few clicks will open direct communication to ePA approvers and increase patient safety with less interruption to needed therapies. Provider adoption of this enhanced service is on the rise and is one of the many embedded features of our integrated software platform.

*Source: AMA prior authorization (PA) physician survey (ama-assn.org)

Workflows Are Intuitive to Keep the Process Moving

When the ePrescription workflow is initiated, the provider must select the medication, strength, dispense amount, unit, days’ supply, and preferred pharmacy. With just one click they will be alerted if prior authorization is required.

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Alternative Medications are Presented When Prior Authorization is Required

If Prior Authorization is required, the provider is presented with benefit and formulary-specific information to determine if an alternative medication could be prescribed or if the best clinical decision is to proceed with the ePA. 

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Reduce Gaps In Therapy

With ePA, many steps are automated reducing clinician stress and allowing shortcuts for frequent drugs requiring approval. ePA can accelerate treatment plans and your staff will be able to gain efficiencies with fewer post-visit phone calls, faxes and follow-ups with the pharmacy, payers, and patients. Once complete, patients will feel more at ease and have the medications they need to improve their condition.  

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Electronic Prior Authorization FAQs

Here’s what clients are asking about ePA

Q: What if our patients’ benefits plans aren’t part of the ePA networks?
A: It is possible that you will have a patient whose benefit plan isn’t part of the networks supported by our ePA solution. Instead, easy PDF-based workflows allow you to digitize the needed forms and send them to unconnected payers. 

Q: Can I rely on the pharmacy to alert our practice of required prior authorizations?

A: The patient experience will be much smoother when you have the ePA information available at the point of care. Your patients will experience less disruption and gaps in treatment. With a proactive and more automated approach to ePA, everyone wins. 

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