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Integrated Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs or PDMPs

Help inform point-of-care clinical decision-making to improve patient care and safety.

Empower safer care with PDMPs

A PDMP, or Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, is the electronic monitoring of the prescribing and dispensing of Controlled Substances. PDMP information calculates NARX Scores, which are calculated based on a patient’s use of narcotics, sedatives, and stimulants and tracked within each state’s Prescription Monitoring Programs. These tools provide healthcare professionals with patient-specific information to make better-informed care decisions.

PDMPs are active databases used to promote safer, more informed prescription decisions and are operated at the state level, with 49 of 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam having implemented such programs. The majority of states require usage and reporting for healthcare professionals prescribing controlled substances.

How PDMPs Work in DoseSpot

PDMP History

When a PDMP equipped user visits a Patient Details page in DoseSpot, a request for the patient’s PDMP history will automatically be sent.

NARX Scores

Successful PDMP requests will display the patient’s NARX score beneath their demographic info.

View Report

If available, the clinician user will have the option of viewing the full report.

This infographic was compiled with information available as of November 2023 and, to the best of our knowledge, was accurate at that time.

As these mandates are ever-changing, online resources such as this image may not contain the most current information. We strongly recommend that you verify a particular state’s current laws and requirements.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program FAQs

Here’s what clients are asking about PDMP

Q: How long does it take to get started with PDMP?

A: Timelines depend on each state’s approval process. Most states take 1-2 weeks, but this may vary. 

Q: How does DoseSpot pull PDMP info?

A: DoseSpot is integrated with Bamboo Health for PDMP. With this integration, DoseSpot will display all available states PDMP info from Bamboo Health within your screens.

Q: Which states should a provider request?

A: Providers should register with the state they are located in, and within any states they may prescribe in. Most neighboring states will allow access to their PDMP program, but not all do. Providers can request access to other states’ programs, but may be denied.

Q: What benefits are there to using a PDMP integration?

A: When a PDMP is integrated into your current workflow you are able to pull real-time information and reports directly into your screen without a disruption to your prescribing workflow,  improving access and saving time.

Recieve Real-Time Information

A PDMP integration fits into the existing clinical workflow, displaying up-to-date information in providers screens at the time of prescribing. Providers and staff can save time and improve patient safety with access to essential PDMP data and resources at the point-of-care.

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Promote Safe and Responsible Care

With an integrated view of patients’ controlled substance histories, providers are able to make informed prescribing decisions to help prevent prescription drug misuse. PDMPs give providers actionable insights that can be used to find more appropriate treatment options and discuss concerns about addiction or diversion with patients.

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Ethical and Compliant Prescribing

Many states are now mandating that providers review PDMP data prior to prescribing controlled substances. Safe prescribing practices are a shared responsibility among employers, regulatory bodies, and practitioners themselves. By actively monitoring and addressing potential issues, those managing healthcare practitioners can contribute to a safer and more ethical healthcare landscape.

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