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Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Patients want price transparency, and prescription costs have been a mystery until now.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the out-of-pocket cost of a medication before you send the prescription to the pharmacy?

As part of our commitment to continue enhancing the end-to-end ePrescribing experience, implementing RTPB makes ePrescribing affordable medicines easier!

Medication costs are presented inside your current ePrescription workflow, helping providers set their patients on a path to better health with more affordable drug prices. 

Drug prices and therapeutic alternatives will be shown with each submission when you use our Jumpstart ePrescribing software and have benefit eligibility turned on. When DoseSpot is fully integrated and customized within your electronic medical record, you can design the RTPB experience seamlessly inside your own healthcare software. 

The Prescriber Completes ePrescription Requirements

The prescriber decides on a medication, strength, dispense amount, unit, days’ supply, and pharmacy for their patient.

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One Click Is All It Takes

One click will return valuable medication information within the workflow. No additional screens needed. 

  • The personalized prescription cost for your specific patient
  • Clinically relevant therapeutic alternatives based on your patient’s
    specific benefits and plan design
  • Alerts will surface if prior authorization is required, then you can complete it electronically
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Save Time

Your staff will spend less time on administrative follow-up, callbacks, and collecting and answering fax inquiries with the pharmacy, payers, and patients. 

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Watch Medication Adherence Improve

People who can afford their medicine are more likely to take it as prescribed, improving medication adherence and health outcomes. 


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Starting the Cost Conversation With Patients

It’s important to help patients feel comfortable enough with their providers to share their concerns about medication costs. Sticker shock at the pharmacy window is a common reason for medication abandonment or not taking medications as prescribed. When dollars are stretched, patients often try to stretch their medications by rationing their supply or cutting their dosage to last longer. 

These conversations don’t have to feel forced. A little empathy can go a long way in creating better health outcomes. Our partners at Surescripts have created a guide from clinicians who have been there. 

Get 5 Cost Conversation Tips

Here’s what clients are asking about RTPB

Q: Were does pricing information come from?

A: The pricing information comes directly from the patient’s benefit plan. After the drug, dose, quantity, days’ supply, and pharmacy are entered, the information is sent to your patient’s benefit plan. The patient’s out-of-pocket prescription cost is then returned along with therapeutic alternatives, usually within 1-2 seconds.

Q: Is pricing information available 100% of the time?

A: Here are some common reasons why the information is not always available:
• The patient doesn’t have prescription benefit plan coverage
• The patient’s benefit plan is not part of a participating network that makes pricing available
• The patient’s prescription coverage has not been added to the patient’s EHR

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