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The Efficiencies of Telehealth & e-Prescribing.

Gone are the days of taking the morning off from work to squeeze in a last minute doctor’s appointment to diagnose the flu-like symptoms you developed overnight. The new alternative is telehealth, a concept that is bringing innovation to the traditional methods of healthcare delivery and accessibility, providing patients and doctors with greater flexibility and efficiency.


This White Paper will discuss:


      • The Telehealth Case

      • On the Horizon for Telehealth

      • Telehealth & e-Prescribing (Electronic Prescribing)


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About DoseSpot:


DoseSpot is a Surescripts™ certified e-Prescribing platform specifically designed to integrate with electronic health record, electronic dental record, practice management and telehealth software. DoseSpot has provided simple, affordable and integratable e-Prescribing solutions to healthcare IT companies since 2009.


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