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Transitioning to API v2 and the Medi-Span Drug Database

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Lexicomp, the current drug database that is used on our platform is becoming obsolete. Before the end of the year, it will stop updating. Because of this, DoseSpot will migrate to a newer drug compendium, Medi-Span to uphold best practices for patient safety.

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You must begin the migration before April 30, 2024.

This v2 migration requires development work from your teams to connect to our new v2 API endpoints. If you have not started, you could be putting patients at risk. This change is part of our commitment to reduce dependency on any specific drug database and to introduce a more flexible and future-proofed system.

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API v2

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the new features and functionality of moving to Medi-Span?

What changes are required to my existing code to support the new APIs?

How can I test my code to ensure that it is working correctly with the new APIs?

You will be given a new client in our Staging environment to use in your development and testing. Your implementation manager will work with you to answer any questions or issues you have along the way.

What are the risks associated with the development work?

API calls will be checked in staging to confirm there are no issues. Where do we check this information?

Clients will complete regression testing with DoseSpot to confirm that there are no open issues before they go live in production.

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