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Who We Serve

Our unique Surescripts and EPCS certified ePrescribing platforms are designed to seamlessly integrate with telehealth software, patient engagement platforms, health communication apps, electronic health and dental records, and more.

Meeting your ePrescribing needs with ease and efficiency

We developed our software with safety and security built-in. We protect your patients’ personal data, alert you to drug-drug interactions or drug allergies, and offer EPCS Audit / Incident, and PDMP / NARX Reporting.

More than seventy thousand healthcare professionals rely on DoseSpot software each week to provide a safer and more efficient ePrescribing experience. Companies choose us because of our intuitive interface, customization capabilities, and high-touch service, including dedicated implementation, account management, and technical support teams. You will know your DoseSpot team by name because of their relentless focus on helping you grow.

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