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Get To the Root of ePrescribing 

Dentists repeatedly write a limited set of prescriptions for patients undergoing various procedures and are highly knowledgeable about these specific medications. Unfortunately, dentists are not always aware of the potential risks of a patient’s complete medication list.  

DoseSpot is the first ePrescribing platform for dental software that keeps a dentist’s needs at the forefront of the ePrescribing experience. Backed by an exclusive with Lexicomp, DoseSpot-using dentists gain access to a sophisticated database of dental-specific drug information to help answer crucial medication questions. Our dental ePrescribing platform integrates seamlessly into your clinical workflow to elevate your experience. 

DoseSpot’s reporting capabilities allow DSOs and Dental Software Companies full transparency into the prescribing behaviors of their providers and so much more. With more than ten report types, you can ensure compliance, monitor refill requests, and track prescription errors. Gain peace of mind and ensure safe practices with data at your fingertips.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Contact your Dental Service Organization to see if DoseSpot is provided in-network.

Step 2

Determine if your providers will be writing EPCS prescriptions

Step 3

Work directly through your DSO to purchase and implement DoseSpot

What Our Dental Software and DSO Clients Say

DoseSpot can be purchased through your DSO or Practice Management Software company.
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“Great Expressions Dental Centers found a quick-to-implement solution in DoseSpot that not only allowed us to quickly meet state mandates for generating electronic prescriptions but will also meet the requirements for the larger federally run Electronic Health Records (EHR) program.”
– Jason Wolan, Great Expression Dental Centers Director of EHR Implementation
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“We chose DoseSpot because their team was very accessible.”
– ACE Dental,
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“We chose DoseSpot because of the easy integration API as recommended by our consultant.”
– Planet DDS,
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“The development team at DoseSpot was and continues to be great to work with! They are very engaged and responsive to our needs.”
– Dawn Christodoulou, XLDent President

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