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DoseSpot integrates seamlessly into your EHR/EMR ensuring your providers have easy-access to ePrescribing.

Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records are continually challenged with hosting patient data safely and securely while also providing healthcare professionals the tools they need to deliver care inside the application. More clicks, new screens, additional application windows with long load times? No thank you. You need fast and reliable ways to keep your patient visits on track.

That’s why our ePrescribing integration is often the best option. DoseSpot software integrations can get your teams prescribing in no time. Depending on the level of customization you choose, it can take as little as 30 days to get started! We even guide you through Surescripts and EPCS certification so your teams don’t have to navigate the process alone.

More than 200,000 healthcare professionals are utilizing DoseSpot each week to deliver care and write prescriptions for a hassle-free patient and provider experience. With access to more than 250 API calls, you have more control to tailor the system to your current workflows limiting the disruption of changing technology and lessoning the learning the curve when it is time for system training.

Your providers can access our our secure, intuitive and compliant user interface to send prescriptions directly from the office or telehealth visit to the pharmacy while storing prescription data in the patient’s EMR or EHR. DoseSpot can integrate into any medical software with a quick API integration process.

Give your teams the benefit of DoseSpot’s streamlined workflow, fast application response time, and customizable interface that blends seamlessly within your platform.

Benefits of Electronic Prescribing

Ensure Better Care

Deliver prescriptions with safety and speed for improved outcomes. Give your providers the fastest technology on the market.

Reduce Medication Errors

Access medication histories, allergies, drug-drug interaction alerts and drug-price transparency from one platform.


Streamline Costs and Workflows

Built-in workflows including formulary, Real-Time Prescription Benefit checks, and Electronic Prior Authorization to confirm coverage  and medication options.


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